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“Life is only worth living if you leave it more beautiful than when you found it.”
- Frank Lloyd Wright

It is an honor to be involved in the act of making something. We know as architects that we are only part of this act. Without the client and the craftsmen, what we imagine can never be made possible. Over the years we have had the opportunity to be involved in a wide range of projects, from furniture to city halls. One of the most rewarding things about making things is when you see it for the first time and find it hard to imagine it not being there all long.

The following are projects that are special to us. They represent the privilege of being an architect

Ely Park Gazebo
Oberlin College Bicycle Shelters
Elyria Veteran's Memorial

Schoepfle Children's Center
Common Ground
First Congregational Church of Christ
Common Ground
First Congregational
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