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We are all stewards of creation, and the essence of that creation is joy and redemption”
- John Paul II

Through architecture and planning, we have opportunities to be stewards of our environment in a way that not only benefits our immediate needs and concerns, but the needs and concerns of future generations. The process begins by considering all the factors that affect the outcome; climate, building size & program, construction techniques, energy systems, and materials. Within these factors are a range of opportunities that allow the client to determine what is most appropriate for their goals and abilities.

The results are solutions that respond to the issues of energy and environment in their own unique way.

Zero Energy LEED House
Solar Responsive Renovation
Super Insulated House

Straw Bale Insulated House
Straw Bale Cottages

Fitting In
Vermillion Valley Vineyards
Vermillion Valley Vineyards

Community Retreat Center


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