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FITTING IN Passive Solar House Cleveland Heights, OH:

Sited in a National Register Historic District, this new home had to fit within the architectural scale and context of the neighborhood while responding to the solar aperture required for both passive and active solar energy. The stucco exterior responds to adjacent houses, while the deep blue siding creates a high horizontal band and is juxtaposed by the narrow north windows. The south elevation responds to the sun for both passive solar gain in the winter and abundant natural light year round.

This 4,000 SF home (with a 2,000 SF basement gallery and work area/archive) is built to the “Passive House” standards with solar orientation, super insulation and air tightness (achieving a .3ACH50 blower door test) It is heated and cooled by only (2) ductless mini-split units, and ventilated by a high efficiency ERV (energy recovery ventilation) with a ground loop coil.

Articles about the house:

Photos courtesy of Linda Butler Photography as noted. Additional photos and more information can be found here at Linda Butler Photography under Passive House Cleveland.

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